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Our Funny Holiday Name

We get asked all the time -- what's with our name? Here's how the story goes: Christmas Tree Shops started as a holiday gift shop on Cape Cod, but we found customers loved discovering unbelievable deals for all of the holidays and all the seasons. Soon we were scouring the world for great gifts, unique home decor and big name closeouts. We evolved our merchandise selection to fabulous year-round bargains, but our name stayed the same. Locals and the thousands of tourists to New England came to us for everything from gifts to grills to dish detergent, and accepted the name as part of our charm and quirkiness.

And That!

As Christmas Tree Shops grew beyond its birthplace and opened in new markets, we didn't want new communities to assume we're only about holiday tinsel and ornaments. In 2012, to make the shopping experience easier and more inviting, we opened locations called andThat!, and added andThat! to some of our Christmas Tree Shops storefronts. Customers shopping these locations will find the same fantastic products, the same astonishing prices and the same exhilarating deals that made CTS a favorite shopping and saving destination throughout New England. Customers will still be excited about the ever-changing merchandise selection, and with prices that are lower than they expect. They'll wander the aisles discovering new bargains everywhere they look, and they'll want to go home with this...and that...and that...and that!

Here's What We Know At Christmas Tree Shops andThat!

Everybody loves a great deal.
Everybody loves a fun shopping experience.
Everybody loves discovering enticing merchandise and thrilling finds.

With that in mind, we've made our stores all about saving money, being surprised and scoring real deals. All under one roof. Our buyers travel the world for unique and intriguing products. They're on the lookout for closeouts and overstocks with big, recognizable brand names. We want you to discover new things each and every time you visit our stores, so our buyers are continually searching for fresh merchandise.

We know you want to give a gift, update your home, stock the pantry, decorate for a holiday. We also know you don't want to spend a bundle. We aim to surprise you with our constantly changing merchandise mix, and follow it up with prices much lower than you expect to pay. We want you to be able to shop smart, and still be able to get everything you need and want. Whether it's a gift or a bedspread, a candle or a bag of candy, a turkey roaster or Christmas tree lights, we want to be your go-to store for all this...and that...and that...and that!

History Lesson

For the full Christmas Tree Shops back story and to learn why it's "Shops" (with an"s"), click here.

Christmas Tree Shops - Store Interior

Surprising Selection

The moment you walk in our doors, you'll be captivated by the array of bargains before you. Decorations for every holiday and every season. Furniture and home accents to spice up any living space. A well-appointed kitchen, bath or bedroom? Everything you need is right here. You can stock your pantry (dishwashing soap to snacks) or perfect your patio (patio sets to solar lights). You can plan a party for any event or find gifts for any occasion. Winter, spring, summer or fall, we're your go-to store. Really.

Insider Shopping Tip

Our bargains fly off our shelves and our assortments change constantly. So, if you see something you like, snap it up! Chances are there will be a different deal in its place when you come back.

Serious Bargains

Serious Savings

What is a bargain anyway? Is it a specific discount (50% off)? Or is it finding an item you want and discovering the price is much lower than you anticipated? It's lucky you found us, because we deliver both.

Our buyers are on constant lookout for closeouts or overstocks on big brand name merchandise, then they sweeten the deal with a jaw-dropping price. Or, they might find an exclusive, one-of-a-kind item they know you'll love at a price that'll make you swoon. You can hope to find a bargain in just about any store you shop. At Christmas Tree Shops andThat!, that excitement you feel when you know you've just scored a real deal is waiting for you. In every aisle. We are proud that at our stores, you can fill your cart without having to empty your wallet.

Christmas Tree Shops - Original Store

The Christmas Tree Shops Story

Christmas Tree Shops has its beginnings in the 1950s, in a barn in the quaint Cape Cod town of Yarmouthport, Massachusetts. The store was a holiday gift shop called The Christmas Tree Gift Shop and sold Christmas gifts and ornaments May through October.

Twenty years later, Chuck and Doreen Bilezikian bought the seasonal shop, and with their sons, began to transform the business into a destination for one-of-a-kind items and real value prices. They found authentic deals for their customers, and stocked the shelves with closeouts, overruns by well-known manufacturers, and unique products at wholesale prices. The buildings were renovated into quaint bargain-filled spaces known as the Barn Shop, the Front Shop and the Back Shop (which is why it’s Christmas Tree Shops instead of Shop). Customers were delighted with the treasures -- and the prices -- and slowly the business became a year-round operation. Though no longer a Christmas shop, the name remained, and added even more character to the store's distinctive personality.

Christmas Tree Shops expanded along Cape Cod, opened the first off-Cape store in 1981, and continued to grow. Visitors to New England and Cape Cod fell in love with the quirky, charming stores that carried just about everything under the sun (including the beach umbrella and the sunscreen). For vacationing families, a trip to Christmas Tree Shops became as anticipated as the first trip to the beach. During the holidays, Christmas Tree Shops was (and still is) a wonderland of home décor, trim-a-tree, gifts, stocking stuffers, holiday baking supplies and so much more.

In 2003, the buzz about Christmas Tree Shops caught the attention of housewares and home furnishings retailer Bed Bath & Beyond, and later that year, Christmas Tree Shops became part of the Bed Bath & Beyond family. Recognizing that everyone loves an amazing value, Bed Bath & Beyond began introducing Christmas Tree Shops to markets beyond New England and the northeastern United States. In 2012, to communicate to customers in those new markets that the store is more than a holiday destination, new stores opened with either andThat! or Christmas Tree Shops andThat! as the name. Today more than 70 Christmas Tree Shops andThat! and andThat! stores are located in 21 states.